Fiona Bratvold


Fiona Bratvold
(604) 831-0099
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101 - 15955 Fraser Highway Surrey, BC V4N 0Y3
From a young age, my parents involved me in managing real estate investments in Vancouver and across Canada and I discovered I had a knack for choosing viable properties that would increase in value. From then on, I learned to pick properties that would become an excellent investment for the future. My hope is to assist my buyers and sellers in the same way and make their house buying experience a great investment and the right choice for them too.

In my youth, I travelled throughout the world with my parents. I loved living, feeling and experiencing various customs, languages and foods. I have learned to empathize and understand different peoples, their cultures and themselves as individuals and I have brought these wonderful life experiences into my work which I feel helps me become a better realtor for my clients who hail from various parts of the world and locally.

Later, I went to California for a year of University before moving to British Columbia where I graduated from UBC with a degree in Psychology. Going to school and studying Psychology taught me a lot about the way people think, feel and act. I try to incorporate my learning when dealing with people and their real estate needs. After graduating I had various interesting jobs but one of the most enjoyable was when I worked with deaf children and teens. I learned about the deaf culture and sign language and now use it when working with my deaf clients.

While raising a family, my children developed various interests of their own and I share in their love of computer technology, soccer, art and music. I also love to cook and make dishes from various countries for family and friends.
I am now following my dream of becoming a real estate professional.

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